First Visit...What to Expect

After you have called our office to schedule an appointment and found how easy it was to find us, please arrive a few minutes early. When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our outstanding chiropractic assistants. They will need to get some information from you so that Dr. Ken knows exactly what is going on and for how long. Please bring all insurance information with you on your first visit and we will happily verify benefits on your behalf. Want to save time on you first visit? Check out our forms page to find the intake form that best suits the reason for your visit. Not sure which form to choose? Just ask when you set up your appointment and our exceptional staff will help you.

After you have provided us with your patient history, you will then receive a consultation with Dr. Ken followed by an examination of your spine and possibly diagnostic tools like x-rays or range of motion studies. Finally, you will receive a Report of Findings that explains the results of your tests, what the problem is and Dr. Ken's recommendations to correct the problem. Most people can / will receive an adjustment on their first visit. When you leave, you will set up your follow up appointments with the Dr. as well as a time in your first or second week to listen to our Dr.'s report.